China New Issue: Commemoration of China's First Moon Probe

China Stamp
Name: Commemoration of China's First Moon Probe
Number: T6-2007
Issue date: 2007 November 26th

What a stupid China Post. It's a very very big event in China. but China Post limits the quantity to sells this set again. Shit!!!
Only 4 stamps and 1 official FDC for each collector. More than 300 collectors queued up for this issue at Shanghai Philatelic Company yesterday, it's awful.




Maiden Voyages - Queen Victoria - special postmark

A special postmark will be available from 1 December to 31 May 2008 for
the Maiden Voyages of the new Queen Victoria, sister ship to the Queen
Elizabeth II.

This is available for ANY date, not restricted to actual dates of
departure from Southampton. Unlike for the QE2 there is no special
stamp available and we do not intend to produce any special covers at
this stage.

Ian Billings
Norvic Philatelics APS#207617 ATA#54619
P O Box 119, Dereham, NR20 3YN, United Kingdom
Online store:

Indonesia Butterflies FDCs

Indonesia FDCs
Name: Butterflies
Issue date: 2007 November 5th

Indonesia M/S is interesting. it's 2500 Indonesia Rupiahs on each M/S stamps, but the same design on the single stamp, the face value is only 1500 Indonesia Rupiahs.


Stamp Offers

It all started with the creation of a chat board outside of eBay that would allow fellow philatelist the ability to talk about anything without being criticized for not maintaining a strictly philatelic conversation. Those who have made a non-philatelic post to the eBay stamp chat board know what it is like. There was a discovery on this new chat board that collectors would like to buy, sell, and trade among those who visited the chat and a few of the frequent users asked about someone starting an auction site just for stamp collectors. In January of 2003, was launched!

There was much back and forth about whether would be able to draw enough users and continue a steady growth and it was decided that the only way to do this was to operate with one philosophy – provide a viable alternative on the world wide web in which collectors from around the world could buy, sell, and trade stamps in an effort to further the hobby. Oh yeah…..and do it for FREE!!

To this day, provides a site that allows sellers to enter a basic listing with NO INSERTION FEE and NO FINAL VALUE FEE. So how does continue to operate without collecting fees? Well, let's just say it is a combination of fellow collectors who are very appreciative of's existence combined with's desire to contribute to the hobby of philately!

As the single owner of, I can tell you that I am NOT in it for the money (have spent a LOT more than taken in over the past 5 years), I am not backed by any big time dealer, and I know there are those who really appreciate what has developed over the last 5 years.

Therefore, go ahead and use the site as much as you wish! The only real favor that is asked is that you pass the word about Tell your customers, your fellow collectors, your stamp club friends, your local stamp dealer, and anyone else whom you believe would be as appreciative of the site as those who are using it today.

Thank you,
James - The World Is Finding Us!