South Africa Post office calls for commemorative stamp theme ideas

The South African Post Office, which prints more than 380 million postage stamps a year, is calling for suggestions about themes which could be used as part of the 2010 commemorative postage stamp calendar.

Stamps reach the corners of the world. They are tiny ambassadors of our country, reflecting the beauty of our flora and fauna, the vibrancy of our culture, the triumphs of our people, the riches of our land and significant national and international events.

The public is requested to submit proposals to the South African Post Office on topics to be covered in the 2010 stamp calendar. Topics that have been included in the past included South African Marine life, Chinese astrology, migratory species and the South African World Heritage sites. Other suggestions included the natural wonders of South Africa and music in South Africa. The design of these topics is commissioned by the South African Post Office to local artists who then turns these topics into miniature pieces of art.

Proposals should be brief, include a short motivation and adhere to the following criteria:
  • Topics must be related directly to South Africa
  • Events must depict outstanding national and international interests such as:
    • The culture and achievements of the South African people
    • The country's contribution to international affair
    • The contribution of South Africans to the scientific, cultural and economic development of a broader world society
  • The varied aspects of local life and values
  • The flora and fauna of the country
  • The economic activities of its people
  • Any other topic which reflects positively upon our values, culture, aspirations and achievements.

All proposals will be evaluated by an independent committee, after which the successful proposals will be submitted to Cabinet for approval.

Preferred topics and detailed motivations with pictures or photographs must be submitted not later than Tuesday, 26 February 2008, to:
Fax +27 866 875 994
Mail The Manager: Product Development, 2010 Stamp Programme, Philatelic Services, Private Bag X505, Pretoria, 0001.
Full contact details of interested parties must accompany all proposals.

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