Door knockers on set of stamps

The habbata (door knocker), a relatively small and insignificant item of furniture, though there are elaborate examples of it, has been chosen to feature on a set of four stamps.

The stamps, with face values of e0.26 (Lm0.11c), e0.51 (Lm0.22c), e0.63 (Lm0.27c) and e1.77 (Lm0.76), are 44.0mm x 31.0mm in size, with a perforation of 13.9mm x 14.0mm (comb). The stamps are offset printed on Maltese Crosses watermarked paper by Printex Limited of Qormi, and are available in sheets of 10.

The habbata entered architectural history many years ago as a matter of necessity. However it has survived the mechanical and electric doorbell to become part of our street embellishment .

Available in numerous motifs, shapes and sizes it often reflects the personality and taste of the house owner. Buildings throughout the Maltese Islands can boast of some exceptionally fine examples which qualify as veritable works of art.

Perhaps the most traditional motif in the Islands is that in the shape of a dolphin. These are still manufactured in significant quantities and are much in demand.

The four examples chosen by the artist for this issue are to be found on the doors of the Ministry of Finance in South Street, Valletta (e0.26) the Museum of Fine Arts, also in South Street (e0.51); the Department of Industrial and Employment Relations in Melita Street, Valletta (e0.63); and the Museum of Archaeology in Republic Street, Valletta (e1.77).

These stamps are available as First Day Covers, in mint or cancelled format, and as Souvenir Folders and Presentation Packs. The stamps will be on sale from Wednesday at all MaltaPost postal branches in Malta and Gozo, the MaltaPost Mobile Unit, and the Philatelic Bureau (tel. 2596-1740, email Additional information on this and other issues is available on the MaltaPost website

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