Philately Extends Life:

By Armand Rousso
NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Philately belongs to every person who has ever mailed a letter or admired a beautifully crafted postage stamp. I entered the world of stamp collecting as a young boy at the age of twelve, and several decades later my passion burns as bright as ever. The purpose of this article is to describe the reasons why philately should live, grow and expand throughout the world. This message is for those who have not yet experienced the passions of the art of stamp collecting, and to showcase the intellectual and practical benefits of this wonderful activity. Everyone is welcome into the world of philately, and there are no barriers to entry.

Philately is the perfect word for stamp lovers. Philately was created in 1864 from two words "Philein" meaning "To Love" and "Ateliea" meaning Tax Exemption. Loving stamps is in fact a way of living in a cultural world constantly in motion and with expanding boundaries. Philately is also a way to learn more about the outside world and ourselves, and "as we learn, we also grow," said Alessandra Coderoni the author's wife and philteliste as well.

To the children I would answer that stamps can teach history, geography and culture in an entertaining way. Philately can also stimulate the brain, exercise the memory and improve concentration and focus. These beautiful tiny vignettes can transport collectors into the world's largest museum where they can discover historical events, lives of famous people and secrets of the arts.

Stamps will teach children the importance of details and research. They are also a catalyst to create great friendships that can last a lifetime. For a child to discover the charm of a stamp and learn his country's fascinating history is a great experience, and the knowledge gained stays with them throughout adulthood.

To the adults I would suggest that philately can work exceptionally well as a diversion when confronted with the stresses of our professional life. With philately, one can build a historical and financial asset that can appreciate in value over the years. Philately can stimulate creativity, especially concerning vacation places which may otherwise seem to lack interest or excitement.

For the elderly, when the time of retirement approaches there is often an emptiness that philately can fulfill. Philately also provides a way to keep abreast of current events, as well as friends and a reason to socialize, allowing us to keep in touch with the world. To be passionate with something new can be converted to positive energy which strengthens the soul and builds resistance against physical diseases, melancholy or depression.
I shall conclude with the words of two lovers of philately, the first man, compels great admiration because of the dimensions of his work, and thus I refer to the words of Arthur Maury in the conclusion of his text "To Collectors" (Arthur Maury, Timbres-postes album du collectioneur Published by Maison Arthur Maury, 1904) "Care, Patience and Perseverance".

As the second lover of philately, your humble author passionately believes "Philately Extends Life".

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