World's First CD-ROM Stamps Help Fund Bhutan's Infrastructure

World's First CD-ROM Stamps Help Fund Bhutan's Infrastructure

For four decades, Bhutan has used the technology of the day in a series of postage stamp "firsts" -- to tell Bhutan's history, provide a virtual visit to its mystical land, and even tell some of the history of the world. These stamps helped to fund Bhutan's national treasury and economic development, including roads, hospitals, schools and other critical infrastructure. Bhutan was the first country in the world to release talking stamps that played on phonograph, silk stamps, steel stamps, scented stamps, sculptural stamps, and many others.

The latest in the series of postage stamp "firsts" by Bhutan are mini CD-ROM stamps that fit into exquisitely decorated self-adhesive envelopes. When affixed to a larger envelope, the CD stamp actually can be used as postage. Bhutan plans to continue its environmental, cultural and economic sustainability with the sale of these computer-age stamps, which are the world's first to feature documentaries of a country. The stamps are developed by Creative Products International of Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

Bhutan's new CD-ROM stamps can be used as postage, added to a collection, or displayed in a frame. Bhutan's new CD-ROM stamps are available now at http://www.bhutanpostagestamps.com/. Additional information is at http://www.bhutantoday.net/.

Rachelle Pachtman

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