Postal Dept. stamps yesteryear star Madhubala

Mumbai: She is one of the few actresses whose smile continues to light up the screen and whose beauty has transcended generations.
Now, it's not just the film industry which is giving Madhubala her due. In recognition of her contribution to the Hindi film industry, the Indian Postal Department has released a postage stamp dedicated to her.
Bollywood actor, Sonali Kulkarni says, "Her simplicity, her beauty, her grace — they are all brilliant. I love her style of lip syncing and the way she sings songs on screen. My eternal favourite is Acha ji main haari.
Radio Personality, Ameen Sayani says, "There couldn't be a single young man in those days who couldn't fall in love with Madhubala."
Adds actor and filmmaker, Manoj Kumar, "Ek sadi main ek Madhubala hoti hai. Hum kushkismat hain ki humne Madhubala ko dekha, unse baat ki. ("There is only one Madhubala in one era. I am lucky that I have had the good fortune of meeting her and talking to her.")
Madhubala is the second actress after Nargis Dutt to receive this honour, albeit posthumously. Many however feel that this gesture took time in coming.
Madhubala's sister, Madhur Bushan says, "It could have come at her death anniversary or day, but nonetheless we are very happy in the family."
Adds Ameen Sayani, "It does not matter when she was honoured, for Madhubala's face will always be stamped in our hearts."
In the times of fast come fast go, actors barely manage to create an impression. Despite all the years gone by Madhubala is one of those few actresses who continues to entrance the viewer. And the postage stamps are just another way of immortalising her.

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